Find Professionals in Medical Industry

Why choose Univaleo?

We have top-level professional human resource agents that understand your expectations in looking for the best candidates and job offers in the healthcare industry. We provide holistic help and support to everyone who is using our services.

Your Hiring Solution

It is difficult to find qualified and skilled individuals. The process of hiring takes a huge amount of time, effort, and cost. Here at Univaleo, We promise to introduce you to the talented people you need now when you need them and reduce the time and cost of hiring.


Reducing Time and Costs

Outsourcing the recruiting services to us can save your time and lower your costs drastically

Perfect Matching

We can prevent mismatch by introducing high quality talents in the healthcare industry

Necessary Talents on Time

We will respond to your requirements to introduce licensed and experienced talents fast and efficiently

Frequently asked questions

We carefully review resumes and contact previous employments if necessary to make sure the quality of candidate. 

We find qualified candidates from strong connection and sources, so it is secure and reliable.

Yes, we also offer Visa consulting and support.


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